A land blessed by nature

Vauclaire’s countryside has ideal conditions for the flowering of its vines.

Situated between Durance River and the Mediterranean Sea, fifteen kilometres from Aix-en Provence, the vineyard of Château de Vauclaire covers 30 hectares, among an estate of 120 hectares, right in the heart of the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence.

Overwhelmed with sun, purified by the Mistral wind, the vineyard stands on an arid and rocky soil, which provides strength and character to its wines.

Taking advantage of these assets, the wine makers of Domaine de Vauclaire combine ancestral know-how with green cultivation methods and modern techniques in order to produce qualitative wines with several features.

The diversity of grape varieties within the vineyard reflects the long history of Mediterranean wine. It allows the Sallier family the freedom to compose with rich and subtle blends.


Delicately selected grape varieties along with blending knowledge

Vauclaire’s wines are made up from blends. This very old method includes a separated vinification for each grape variety in order to mix the resulting production: this contributes to a more balanced vintage with a variety of qualities.

Grape varieties selected in the domain for red wines and rosés:
• Grenache: Spanish variety offering all its character, smoothness and bouquet to the wine.
• Cinsault: ogives the wine its subtlety and delicate fruity taste, also essential for Rosé.
• Syrah (Shiraz) and Cabernet-Sauvignon brings strength to the tannins.

White Wine:
• Vermentino (Rolle): Corsica and Italian variety allows for a very delicate pear and citric fruit aroma.
• Viognier: The aromatic viognier variety, in the exotic aromas (lemon, litchi, papaya). At the end of acid mouth. Wine easy to drink.


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