Vine and Château de Vauclaire:
Parallel destiny

The Sallier family continues to draw on a thousand year Provencal winemaking history.

The Sallier’s, a family of well-known lawyers from Aix-en-Provence, were given the Domaine de Vauclaire in 1774 as thanks for services to the lord at the time.
Enlightened art collectors, they devoted themselves to winemaking with this same taste for refinement and excellence. From generation to generation, the family has managed to improve this know-how and expand their knowledge, encouraged by the growing potential of the wine market in Provence.
Born in Aix-en-Provence in 1923, Francois Sallier continued with tradition and spent his entire life taking care of the vineyard. In 1982, he created, along with his son Uldaric Sallier, a winery in what used to be the stable in order to produce his own wine.
Francois Sallier passed his passion and knowledge onto his eldest son, Uldaric Sallier (1953-2009), who managed the domain with his wife Adeline. Until 2009 when she took over.
In 2013, Charlotte Sallier, daughter of Uldaric and Adeline, began her career as a winemaker.
Having dedicated herself to the study of wine making in Beaune (Burgundy), Charlotte undertook numerous journeys to several vineyards abroad including South Africa, Australia, Oregon and Spain to enhance her international knowledge before returning to Vauclaire.
Now mother and daughter form a partnership to pass on the sustainability of the family tradition and their love for the vineyard.


Provence, a most ancient vineyard of France

The history of Provencal vine began in the 6th century when sailors from Phocée arrived on the Marseille coast with vine stock in their ships.
Romans, then monks, and eventually Provencal earls made the vineyard prosper. Meanwhile, it was only during the 15th century that King René, the vine lover, gave Provencal wine it’s due credit.
Acquiring a great quality, it did not stop improving over the years until the 19th century.
The relentless work of all these winemakers built the base of a modern wine producing Provence.


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